Small Pieces of Art for Your Garden – Simple DIY Project

35f29e2c8f002e5df39a7faefa6e776cEvery garden should have at least a few flowerpots with beautiful flowers inside. It’s easy to go to the store and buy flowerpots, as those are in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors, but it’s better to have something unique and hand made.

Today people like more and more the aspect of an item manually made, and they like it even better if they are the ones who did it. In the next lines, we will teach you how to have beautiful flowerpots made out of tires. It’s an easy DIY project that present you amazing tire flowerpot ideas.

The Materials

You will need old tires and you can either go and buy a few, or you can use the ones from the old car, if you still have them. You will also need some colorful paint and brushes – the more colors, the better the result will be, and the flowers that you will be using. Apart from this, you will need a small shovel for planting the flowers, a watering can, working gloves and topsoil.

Step 1

Multicolor-Talavera-Flower-Pot-100470_mediumThere are two ways in which you can use the tires – you can either cut them and this way you will have two flowerpots, or you can ease them down on the ground and fill them with soil, creating a single round flowerpot. If you choose to have 2 pots from a single tire, you need to cut the tire in half – ask someone to help you, as this can be a very hard thing, especially if you are a woman.

Step 2

Painting is very easy, as you have to paint and the brushes. Put the tires or the half tires on a flat surface and start painting them in the color that you want. Make sure that the first layer of paint is dry before you apply another coat of painting. For a colorful garden, choose blue, yellow, pink, red or magenta, in different shades. You can also combine them or draw patterns on the tires. Everything is up to your imagination, so use it.

Step 3

Once the paint is dried and you can touch the tires without sticking to them, you can arrange them however you want. Close or apart, the flowerpots will make a wonderful appearance, no matter where you place them in your garden. After you have set them their place, fill each of them with proper soil for flowers. This is called topsoil and it’s mixed_media_flower_potavailable in the stores.

Step 4

With the shovel, make a small hole in the topsoil, right in the middle of the tire. This will allow the plant to have the needed space to spread its roots and be airy. Gently add the flower or the plant in that hole and cover the roots with topsoil. Don’t insert it too much in the soil, as this can lead to the death of the plant. Once this is over for all the flowerpots, fill the water can with water and start watering each of them. This will allow your flowers to root nicely and securely in their new places.


il_570xN.231664991Once you have the basics about how to create beautiful flowerpots from old tires, don’t let anything stop you in creating more. Use your imagination and intuition and arrange your garden as beautiful as you can. Cover up a corner of your garden with these flowerpots and you will surely be envied by everyone. Decorate the flowerpots with whatever colors or images that you want, as your imagination is the only one that can limit you.

Whatever you do with your own hands is considered a small pieces of art as it has the same characteristics – it is unique, it is not perfect, it is beautiful and it’s also full of personality. Whenever you feel like creating something, simply do it and you’ll become a wonderful artist.

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