Marina Embraces Technology with New Boating App

Boaters that call any IGY Marina their home can now rejoice (and relax!) thanks to a new mobile app called Boatyard. This new partnership with Boatyard will certainly make life easier for the avid boater whether they are boating for pleasure or business.

Have Cellphone will Travel
Because our cell phones are already such an intrinsic part of our everyday lives, providing an app that helps boaters organize, save time and feel reassured while they are out on the water is ideal. We are already familiar with apps such as getting the weather, driving directions, tuning the guitar, playing games, so this app by Boatyard just makes sense.
No longer will a boater need to worry about how long he needs to idol or circle around until he can safely pull into a gas dock or a pump out. Scheduling these weekly or monthly duties will now be a simple task rather than a worrisome chore for some.
Granted, if you are an amateur boater, not skilled in docking as well as some, then this app is ideal. You can schedule your visit to the gas dock for early morning to avoid crowds or later in the day if you need to round up a few friends to help. It’s that simple.
For the Captain who needs his prop readjusted, wants the bottom of his boat painted or any other maintenance done by the IGY Marina, he can simply schedule it on the app.
The beauty of never having to leave the boat to accomplish his “to do” list is a real plus.

IGY Sets a Trend
IGY Marinas was founded by Andrew Farkas, who also serves as Chairman. While partnering with BoatYard is primarily helpful for the boater, it is also a realistic, beneficial and trend setting move for the marina as well. No more trying to pencil in a client, no more worries if an appointment wasn’t jotted down. It’s on the app. With technology constantly advancing forward, the Boatyard app is the way to go. Boats designed today are designed with advanced tech options, streamlined interiors and sexy cockpit seating with barbeque grills built right in. Boatyard has finally caught on and IGY is about to lead the way with the technology all boaters deserve and need for a practical, safe and fun boating experience for their clients. Bravo to IGY Marinas for setting the standard once again.